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Dvd and Video Solutions is a company based in Central London, specialising in video, dvd and computer conversions. Jobs requested vary from  dvd copying, transferring collections of old family vhs or camcorder videos,  actor's show reel tapes, a wedding vhs tape, company promotions and to convert video archives. 


Whether you want us to transfer your old vhs videos into dvd, into a computer format (like .MP4 or .MOV) or maybe convert your current dvd so that it will play abroad in countries like America and Canada (known as NTSC format), we are certainly worth contacting.


All video tapes that we transfer to dvd are thoroughly checked. We do not just press "PLAY and RECORD" and give you back an unchecked dvd that contains 20 minutes in the middle, of when you mistakenly left your camcorder on, filming the wall or floor !


We do not hide our prices and always try to explain everything in as plain English as is possible. We understand that not everyone is technically minded  and we will  won't try to confuse you with high tech dvd or computer jargon.


Video tape formats that we handle include VHS, Mini DV, Full size DV, DVCAM, 8mm (also known as Video 8), Hi8, Digital 8, Betacam SP, VHSC ( that's "the little tape, that goes inside of the normal sized video tape"), SVHS, DVD, DVD RAM, Mini DVD, HDV, DVCAM and BETAMAX. All these versions except for Beta SP are available in both PAL or NTSC (the format for American and Canadian tapes)

Our office is open from 8.30am to 6.00pm weekdays for regular work.  We are also available late evenings and at the weekends by appointment only. Customer calls and queries are taken externally from 6pm to 11pm weekdays.


The office is a short walk from both PICCADILLY and GREEN PARK London underground stations. Click HERE for exact details.



FACT 1.  A typical VHS video tape that we receive is about 20 years old.


FACT 2. Our most popular requested computer format is .MP4 and will works well on all PC and Apple digital editing computer software, including iMovie and Final Cut Pro


FACT 3.  We are perfectionist.  All work is thoroughly checked. If we spot an error we will advise you about it. We won't just take your money and assume that you "won't notice it" !


FACT 4.  We work throughout the weekend, as well as during the week.




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